LATEST NEWS ARTICLES (Last updated: 7/1/2016)
  • This is the end my friends - Futuregamez to close after 18 years
  • Sony confirms release of Uncharted 4 pushed to late April 2016
  • New Games: Ni No Kuni 2, MLB The Show 16, Full Throttle, and more
  • New Playstation VR Games - Rez Infinite, Ace Combat 7, Paragon by Epic!
  • PS2 games on PS4 now; GTA3, Vice City, Kri, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy
  • PC version of Final Fantasy VII on PS4 this week, full remake gets new trailer

    PS4 REVIEW: Star Wars: Battlefront
    It's amazing, and thrilling, to think that we are only days away from a new Star Wars film, and this game developed from DICE is timed perfectly for release. It's tremendous fun but...
    PS4 REVIEW: Minecraft Story Mode
    Minecraft is more then a game, it's a phenomenon which has fans of all ages entralled. This latest release from Telltale Games provides a story mode set within the Minecraft universe.
    PS4 REVIEW: Darksiders II: Deathinitive Ed.
    While this game was released on PS3 a few years ago, the demise of THQ only months later saw the game vanish pretty quickly. Fortunately this entertaining title has been upgraded for PS4.
    PS4 REVIEW: Assassin's Creed Syndicate
    Ubisoft are back with another release in their massive open-world franchise and this time we are headed to Victorian-era London. Its a very impressive title as you play twins Evie and Jacob Frye.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: San Andreas 3D
    Dwayne Johnson (yes, the guy formally known as The Rock) stars in this disaster film on the San Andreas fault, and it's an absolute rollercoaster ride and a fantastic 3D film with some stunning set pieces.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Dark Places
    Charlize Theron stars in this thriller where she plays a Libby Day - a woman whose family was murdered at the hands of her brother when she was younger, but not all is as it seems. Here's a review.
    PS4 REVIEW: Need for Speed
    EA's Need for Speed franchise is one of the biggest racing games on the markets and current developers Ghost Games have rebooted the franchise with this years title. So does it manage to impress?
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Voices
    Talking animals in a film... it has to be a kids film right? Well, certainly not in this case as this very dark comedy is filled with gruesome murders, and a stellar performance from Ryan Reynolds.
    PS4 REVIEW: Dragon Quest Heroes
    Dragon Quest is one of the most loved RPG franchises, but this is a hack and slash game from the creators of Dynasty Warriors. Fortunately, this is a step up for the developer, and a great game.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Terminator Genisys
    Arnie is back in his signature role and this latest film acts as an alternate timeline to the original films. With Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor this film is action packed, and very entertaining.
    PS4 REVIEW: Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection
    The Uncharted games on PS3 are among the best games we've ever seen, and now the trilogy is on PS4. It's not a straight port with massive improvements to the visuals, added game modes, and more.
    PS4 REVIEW: Disgaea 5
    This Japanese styled RPG is the latest in Nippon Ichi's long running series and while the audio visual presentation isn't pushing the PS4, it's a fantastic game to please RPG fans.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    Set in London during the Industrial Revolution this latest game in Ubisoft's long-running action adventure series looks very impressive indeed. We take a look at what to expect from the game due out soon.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Firewatch
    This Indie game has been in development for some time now on PC, but at E3 this year it was announced as coming to PS4 as well. This is a gorgeous looking game which promises plenty of mystery as well.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: Big Game
    Starring Samuel L. Jackson this film is the follow up to writer/director Jalmari Helander's brilliant Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. This is a fun, family friendly action film for a fun night in.
    EA's FIFA franchise has been around for decades now and this latest game is certainly very impressive with some impressive stadiums, great player models and animations and a swag of game modes.
    PS4 REVIEW: Disney Infinity 3.0
    The first release focused on Disney characters, the second on Marvel universe and this year, tying in perfectly to the new film we have Star Wars. This is a tremendous release for gamers of all ages.
    What happens when a friend tells you that you're The DUFF. What is that? Well, that stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. This teenage comedy is actually pretty entertaining. We've checked out the Blu-Ray.
    BLU-RAY REVIEW: That Sugar Film
    This could very well be the film that not only informs you about sugar, but ultimalte saves, or at the very least extends, your life. If you're trying to stay fit, this is essential viewing.
    PS4 PREVIEW: A Game of Thrones
    Game of Thrones has become a massive success as a HBO series, so it's little wonder there are video game adaptations. Fortunately Telltale Games have worked their magic on the franchise.
    PS4 PREVIEW: Shovel Knight
    If you were a gamer during the 8-bit era then this platform game should bring back some wonderful memories. After a successful digital release the game is soon to be released on disc at retail.

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