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April 15, 2011
The Collector Blu-Ray Review
Cinema Release Blu-Ray Release Distributor Director
28/10/201029/12/2010Village RoadshowMarcus Dunstan
Video Codec Sound Format OFLC Rating Star(s)
AVC MPEG-4DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1R18+Madeline Zima
Andrea Roth
Josh Stewart

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The Collector is not for the feint of heart.
The Collector started life as a prequel to the horror franchise, Saw. Thankfully the producers were against this idea and the movie developed into it's own standalone title.

It's fair to say that The Collector is not your typical horror film, there is no two words to describe the movie, which centres on handyman and ex-con Arkin (played by Josh Stewart from Law Abiding Citizen). Arkin's ex wife has a debt and so Arkin tries to obtain a rare gem from the inside of the house of a family whom he has been doing work for. Unfortunately though inside the house is a box, that contains "bait".

The owners of the house are dead and this leaves teenage daughter and eight year old Hannah to survive in a creepy house full of bait and a collector. So Arkin teams up with the two and becomes a reluctant hero as the collector tries to add Arkin and the two siblings to his collection.

Unfortunately though, while The Collector may not be a prequel to Saw it may as well be. The R18+ rating is no under exaggeration, the film contains torture porn horror that just about always comes off as over the top. The film is riddled with poor factual errors that will make you question the ending. We're not going to give it away, but you'll be asking questions about exactly how something happened and questioning whether it even makes sense.

If you're after a cheap horror film for a Saturday night with a few friends then The Collector will probably satisfy your urges, however those expecting a clever horror film are best off ironically leaving this film out of your collection.

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That blood, probably not from gutting fish!
The video quality in The Collector is good, during the evening scenes (and of course, being a horror film there are a few) there is quite a bit of noticeable grain, but overall the transfer is solid and little details (and disgustingly zoomed in close ups) are all there for you to feast your eyes on. The 1080p AVC MPEG-4 encoded 2:35:1 transfer is solid and should impress most people. This isn't a reference quality film, but it's certainly much better than DVD.

The Collector may not be a great film but the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is brilliant. The director and sound engineers are clearly audiophiles as there are sounds which utilise your surround sound system right throughout the film, from the crickets in the beginning to the impaling of bodies the audio is really top notch. Disappointingly though there are no subtitle options at all.

The extras on The Collector Blu-Ray are pretty basic and all of them are presented in Standard Definition which is disappointing.

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The Collector is out now on Blu-Ray.
Alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes (4:24): An alternate ending and two deleted scenes are presented here. The alternate ending isn't too much special, while the first deleted scene features a conversation between Arkin and a police officer while the second features another conversation with Arkin. Both of these deleted scenes seem like fillers anyway, so their omission from the film was certainly the right choice.

Beast by Nico Vega Music Video (2:56/HD): This is a music video of the song Beast, by Nico Vega.

Audio Commentary: he Audio commentary is decent and features commentary by director Dunstan and co-writer Patrick Melton.

Extra Trailers (5:18/HD): There are three other trailers for Frozen (1:46), The Girl Who Played with Fire (1:24) and Solomon Kane (2:08).

The Collector is an average horror film that contains a great Blu-Ray transfer, with some poor DVD quality extras, it may be good for one watch but we cannot imagine watching the film several times.

Review By: Luke Van Leuveren


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