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Feb. 4, 2006
Rainbow Six: Critical Hour - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
Q'2 2006UbisoftUbisoft1-4$TBA

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Yes, these are XBox screens.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a series which continues to earn the respect of millions of gamers. Indeed the PS2 has been home to two Rainbow Six titles to date including Rainbow Six 3 and more recently Rainbow Six Lockdown. Each title was very good, but not quite brilliant. Ubisoft are looking at pushing the boundaries even further with this latest game, Rainbow Six Critical Hour which is due out later this year. At the moment information is a little tight, and these screens are from the XBox version, but it's one of Ubisoft's biggest titles so we had to check it out.

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Looking slick...
In terms of story this episode of Rainbow Six sees John Clark is retiring. While packing his stuff, he remembers the best missions in Rainbow history and leave these missions as a training program and case study for future Rainbow recruits.

You heard it right this game includes maps from previous titles which will appear on consoles for the first time. There will be a total of 7 missions that come from the original Rainbow Six games (Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Urban Ops), and eight totally new maps. Each has been graphically enhanced to make use of the PS2's power and may include some alterations and improvements. You will be able to rediscover some of the greatest locations and relive some of the most dangerous Rainbow operations such as Razor Ice in England, Zero Gambit in Ukraine, Fire Walk in Idaho and Black Star in Brazil.

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Aztec Palace level...
In terms of modes, we are offering a great diversity for the players. The Assassin mode offers a brand new type of team play. Each team has one of his members designated as a leader. The team must protect his leader while trying to kill the other teamís leader. The Assassin gameplay will promote the elaboration of original strategies based on the class strengths: for example, the Combat Medic could heal the Leader and the Commando protect him while the Spec-Op and Engineer hunt down the opposing Leader.

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PS2 version will look similar.
Ubisoft are also adding a mode where you can just run and shoot. So we have two free-for-all modes. One is a last man standing and the other mode is a typical deathmatch where the winner is the one who gets the most kills.

It remains to be seen if Ubisoft have another hit on their hands here, but the developers seem keen to stress that they are putting back much of the realism that made the original Rainbow Six titles so successful - and in our minds superior. The AI i sbeing overhauled with tougher enemies and better squadmates while the game will run at a more realistic pace, rather then the run and gun action of later titles. Expect a release for Rainbow Six: Critical Hour in the second quarter of 2006.