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October 22, 2003
The Sims: Bustin' Out - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
11/12/2003EA GamesMaxis1-2 $99.95

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Where do you find a woman like that?
The Sims: Bustin' Out is the second game in the series to hit the Playstation 2, but this game brings along some massive upgrades and improvements. In The Sims Bustiní Out players can choose from a variety of new career paths. Along the way, players can unlock and collect over a hundred of new objects and social moves exclusive to the console. Play, work, and socialize with a cast of over 25 new outrageous characters and climb through a dozen new careers. The Sims Bustiní Out also features new integrated two-player gameplay and memory card support, for those players who like to take their Sims over to a friendís house and show them off.

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Woo Hoo, guys win again!
In case you have been living in a closet for the last couple of years you should know what The Sims is all about. Basically it's a simulation of peoples lives. At the beginning of the game you are able to create-a-sim with all the personality traits that you desire. Naturally these traits will impact on the gameplay. You can now choose from ten new careers including Mobster, Athlete, Mad Scientist and Fashion Victim that will take you through multiple ways to play and win the game. It will be possible to go back and forth through different careers and levels to unlock objects.

The Sims: Bustin' Out now allows you to travel around town in a new scooter or car to go and play, work or socialise. YOu can now visit, explore, or live in never been seen new locations such as Club Rubb, the hip dance venue, or venture to the Love Shack. Additional locations include Shiny Things Lab, Art Gallery, Gymnausium, and 'Family' Diner.

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Future Gamez on a Friday night!
Electronic Arts are promising improved visuals for this sequel as well as new voices, sound effects and music. The original game on PS2 was already fairly solid in this department but this game looks to add a little more spit and polish. The game includes 40 new characters to interact with including Bing Bling, the party animal and Goldie Toane, the workout queen, who also double as key sources to unlocking locations, objects, social interactions and winning the game.

Speaking of objects the developers have included aroudn 100 unlockable new objects and social moves. Theseobjects include the Laser Light Show, DJ Booth, Climbing Wall and High Dive. The unlockable accessories includes tattoos, do-rags, and piercings. French Kiss, Towel Snap and Moon Walk are just a few of the new social moves.

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In the study.
One of the main selling points of this game will be the ability to connect and play the game online. The Sims Bustin' Out will feature two-player cooperative gameplay online, which lets players work their way through any of the game's unique career paths. The game will also feature an online trading system that will allow players to swap the unlockable social interactions and objects listed above. In addition to bestowing bragging rights, these wacky social interactions and highly coveted objects will also affect the gameplay. Online play will also feature a lobby where a matchmaker screen displays the astrological signs, genders, and personalities of other Sims, so that players can effectively choose their gaming partners. Since two Sims are better than one at getting the job done, online play will make it even easier to accomplish goals, satisfy motives, and get your Sims into trouble.

It's fairly obvious that this game looks set to become another winner. The addition of new items, characters and locations should be interesting while the online gameplay should add considerable value to the title. Expect a release in December.