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August 15, 2005
Sega Rally 2006 - PS2 Preview
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Sorry guys, these were the biggest screens.
It has been a while since gamers have had the chance to play Sega's rally title on home consoles - in fact the last time was Sega Rally 2 which was released for the Dreamcast near its launch in late 1999. Six years folks, an entire generation of consoles. The passing of time has done little to weary gamers desires to get back behind the wheel of one of the most enjoyable titles ever. With rally game such as Colin McRae and WRC becoming more sim styled by the day a return to the arcade roots should be a breath of fresh air.

Through the village.
One key feature which is sure to add to this titles longevity is the ability to generate random tracks. Sega have promised that it will be possible to generate any number of tracks and then race on them. I guess though there is also a side issue to generating new tracks - you never really get to master them as you would in a game where the circuits are fixed. Still it should add much longevity. As for the cars available Sega haven't confirmed a list but are believe to be restricting the number fairly low to make the game more accessable and to ensure each car is as refined as possible.

Car detail looks nice.
There are certain to be some disappointing aspects to this title. The main one is that the developers have confirmed this will be a single player game. Hopefully this will change as development progresses.

I sincerly hope this game turns out to be the smash hit that Sega so desperately needs. The return of an old friend is certainly welcome however their SEGA AGES titles haven't exactly set the world on fire - in fact, after playing about a dozen of them it's amazing Sega even give permission for them to be released. Still, this game is a different kettle of fish it's an entirely new game, not just a remake. The Japanese release is currently set for January 2006, and a US/PAL release is yet to be confirmed. Now if only Daytona was also on the way...